The Sphere is a new business model for performing arts, that creates a radical shift in how we think of and manage IP (intellectual property) in order to stimulate artistic diversity and innovation and reduce inefficiencies. The Sphere has the potential to translate across many creative, educational and economic sectors, creating work opportunities for EU artists.

The Sphere uses distributed ledger technology (blockchain). Blockchains are decentralized p2p, (peer-to-peer networks) that enable people to remotely interact, coordinate and transact value in a secure way. (The technical aspects of blockchain are not visible to the end user, just as most internet users do not comprehend its technology.)

In The Sphere, artists and technologists collaborate to program assemblages of “smart contracts” that distribute funds connected to a performance project. We call these semi-automated programs the Sphere’s “Digital Soul”.

The Digital Soul allocates value through “tokens”. Tokens are digital assets that are used as payment in The Sphere’s ecosystem. By purchasing tokens, through an interface/website called dAPP (decentralized application), participants gain the right to participate.

Everyone’s contribution to a given creative process is registered by The Sphere. Thus artists are incentivised to create new work and all participants are remunerated. The success of each performance benefits all participants and encourages generosity of ideas and diversity of engagement.

A large part of the Sphere is method development and education for artists, venues and audiences that are partners in the Sphere and its many public activities. In providing skills development, education and training, as well as income and employment, The Sphere has great appeal to adjacent creative industries and other sectors and will be adopted widely as a model of Web 3.0 “crypto-scalable commons”, a term for the visionary new mode of organisation that promises to change network-based value production.